Principal’s Message


Mr. Ajay Kumar


“Dreams are what we see with open eyes
And work towards making them a reality….”

Bright Avenue School, Ghaziabad speaks volumes of its ethos and academic excellence since its inception. The school has the legacy to harness the innate potential of the Bright Avenue and has achieved multi-dimensional milestones.

I, as the Principal of this elite organization firmly believe in the dictum that “Education without values is just a stop gap in the journey of the enrichment and enhancement process.” Belief in igniting the young minds to enhance the joys of learning, is what I believe is imperative to execute and implement as Education is not preparation for life but it is life in itself. Our ascent towards the journey of success is by knowing about ourselves towards today, and tomorrow.

Education indeed is the most powerful weapon with which we at Bright Avenue School, Ghaziabad believe in changing the world. The kaleidoscope of learning at our school is a holistic amalgamation of values, knowledge and life skills.

“The capacity to learn is a gift.”
“The ability to learn is a skill.”
“The willingness to learn is a choice.”