In sports, we recommend Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket (apart from indoor sports like Wresting , Wet lifting, table tennis, Badminton, Chess and carom)

Sports are an integral part of our curriculum and regarded as important as the academic component. We firmly believe that for a healthy mind and body one needs to exercise and stay fit on a regular basis. Physical Education develops a sense of fair play, team work and leadership qualities in the students.

School provides facilities for various outdoor & indoor games, like:-

Field Trips

Field trips are a popular activity for all students. No matter how old they are or where they are headed, kids love to explore new places with their friends. At Bright Avenue School, we understand that any trip cannot qualify as a field trip. Good planning is necessary to ensure a successful and educationally relevant trip.

Aims and objectives of field trips are to provide experiential learning (application of principles and concepts learnt for multiple subjects), holistic development (physical, social and emotional), and to enable formative assessment.

Based on the expected learning outcomes, all outdoor activities/experiential programs are planned, designed and incorporated into the curriculum framework and lesson plans. Each school implements the outdoor activities/field trips as per their schedules. Annual outdoor activity /field trip plan is developed when the academic year commences


The Bright Avenue School Olympiad is an inter-BAS competition in which students from all BAS participate to showcase their talent in various fields. This national-level competition requires students to prove their mettle in the school, zonal and national rounds. While competition encourages the spirit of excellence, we also focus on building inter-school relationships and exchange of ideas.

The Olympiad has two parts: online and on-ground. Online events like photography and short-story writing competitions allow students from various schools to display their creative side. On-ground events include sports and athletics group (cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, and athletics) and the creative group (dance competition, debate and quiz).

An important ritual in the zonal and national Olympiads is the Bonfire Night. Students, teachers and BAS members gather around an exciting bonfire to share stories, play fun games and bond with the BAS family.